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Family history in the Norfolk and Suffolk area of the United Kingdom

My Ancestors


Below is a list of my ancestors going up through my father’s line.
Sibling pages will be available through links on the below individual pages:


George Wharton

Died in 1647/48 in Redenhall, Norfolk

George Wharton

Born in 1629 in Redenhall, Norfolk

Died 1709 and buried on 14 Dec 1709  in Winfarthing, Norfolk

George Wharton

Born on 07 May 1661 in Winfarthing, Norfolk

Died in 1709 in Hockwold cum Wilton, Norfolk

Thomas Wharton

Born in 1698 in Hockwold cum Wilton, Norfolk

Died on 23 Dec 1778 in Stradbroke, Suffolk

George (Georgius) Wharton

Born in 1728 in North Lopham, Norfolk

Died on 16 Sep 1808 in North Lopham, Norfolk

George Wharton

Born in 1757 in North Lopham, Norfolk

Died on 24 Dec 1837 in North Lopham, Norfolk

Thomas Wharton

Born on 22 Oct 1797 in North Lopham, Norfolk

Died on 13 Dec 1878 in Ringstead, Norfolk

Thomas George Wharton

Born in 1827 in North Lopham, Norfolk

Died on 12 Nov 1890 in Bircham Tofts, Norfolk

Arthur Philip Wharton

Born on 15 Aug 1867 in Bircham Tofts, Norfolk

Died on 07 May 1962 in Ingoldesthorpe, Norfolk

Hugh Wharton

Born on  03 October 1896 in Ingoldisthorpe, Norfolk

Died 25 Apr 1956 in Ingoldisthorpe, Norfolk

John Arthur Martin Wharton

Born on 16 June 1932 in King’s Lynn, Norfolk

Died on 10 November 1985 in Windsor, Berkshire


Featured Ancestor Profiles

Below you can read recent additions to my ancestor biographies and learn more about their lives.


Hugh Wharton 
– 1896 to 1959 –


Arthur Philip Wharton
– 1867 to 1963 –


Arthur John Martin
– 1867 to 1963 –


Man is physically as well as metaphysically a thing of shreds and patches, borrowed unequally from good and bad ancestors, and a misfit from the start.

Ralph Waldo Emerson